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Holiday Season with Family

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Holiday Season with family can be both joyous and challenging, here’s why. While the holiday season with family can be  JOYOUS TIME OF YEAR that most of us look forward to, it can also be a SAD TIME for some .  Old memories of holidays past bring flooding in both good  and bad memories of [...]

Wisdom of your Soul

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The wisdom of ones’ soul is often overlooked. The logical part of the brain wins out without contemplating knowledge from a deeper source. Our minds can not understand or accept the philosophical language from the Divine . It is a language much different than what we are accustomed to, especially since most of our rhetoric [...]

Love Never Dies

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Love Never Dies – The Bond of Love we share with our loved ones is never lost or broken when they die, or leave the physical world. Their spirit enters a different dimension beyond our five senses. So although they remain connected to us , we can no longer see, hear touch, or  smell,  them [...]

Theta Healing

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Theta Healing is a  fairly new healing modality where the practitioner is in a “Theta Brainwave State” and connects to ‘The creator of All That is’ and co-commands a change of programs and beliefs that the client may be holding subconsciously that keep them stuck in illness or problems.  These beliefs may come from 4 [...]


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Mediumship  made its debut when the skill of connection was first displayed by the  Fox Sisters back in the 40’s. They were twin sisters who knew Houdini and he was used to test their abilities. A third sister was known to record their communication with incarnate spirits.  This caused the birth of Spiritualism which began [...]

inner peace

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Inner Peace can be found with in by quieting our minds as in meditation. We can also reach this state in a daydream or when we are very relaxed. This state of mind when our brain waves change allows us to be more receptive in our awareness also.  This peaceful state is always there and [...]

Orbs Underwater!

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    Orbs are known to be spirit energy which appear as glowing balls of light . Many skeptics have argued that they are merely dust particles that are picked up on a camera lens. This is an old photo of me snorkeling in Hawaii many years ago before I was working with the spirit [...]


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 Angels are beings of light here to help us on our journey of life. Because we have free will, they cannot interfere with us unless we ask for their assistance. This is a very important   piece of information. Unlike your guardian angel that was assigned to you at birth to keep you safe can help [...]