Tess Tetrault – Intuitive Psychic Medium in the Treasure Coast of Florida

Tess was born to guide others to heal using these gifts and skills

Psychic Evidential Medium/Reiki Master       

Medical Intuitive/Certified Theta Practitioner

Tess Tetrault is an Intuitive Psychic Medium in Florida who originally came  from Long Island, NY. Tess was born into a spiritual family and raised Catholic. She  had always seen spirits as a child, who sometimes frightened her.

At the age of 12, while on a family vacation in New Hampshire, she almost drowned on a river and had a “Near Death Experience”. This occurrence awakened her psychic gifts. It  gave her premonitions and foresight into the future !  At an  early age she knew who was on the phone when it rang.  She also had prior knowledge of her grandfathers death, before the news came.

At the age of  18 she received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Not long after that, she suffered the great loss of her soulmate while carrying his child. That great tragedy was the impetus to a life of helping others.  She has also  survived Cancer twice! The many tragedies of life that she has endured helps her to relate to her clients.

She started to study  Reiki in 1990, wanting to help others.  After  several years, she  became a Reiki Master in 2005.

She has studied psychic development and mediumship with the world’s most respected and well-known intuitive psychi mediums for over 15 years. She continues her studies to this day and feels our  learning is never finished.

Her Philosophy is as follows:

“There is a great amount of healing that takes place when we receive messages from our loved ones in spirit. I have witnessed the healing, and transformations.” She also believes that people are born with a sixth sense  to help them navigate life. That faculty   can be cultivated to enhance it’s usefulness for ourselves and others.

Tess channels loving  energy and messages from St. Germaine, White Feather and Archangel Gabriel.

She teaches on many metaphysical subjects such as Meditation, Psychic Development, Guides, Past Lives, Angels, Chakras, Auras,  Channeling,  and much  more.  Click here to work with Tess Services as an Intuitive Psychic / Reiki Master or more.

Intuitive Psychic Medium in Florida swimming with orbs in the ocean