Tess Tetrault the Treasure Coast Medium

Tess Tetrault, an intuitive psychic medium based in Florida with roots in Long Island, NY, reflects on a life steeped in spirituality. Raised in a spiritual family with a Catholic upbringing, Tess’s childhood was marked by encounters with spirits, occasionally unsettling for her.

A pivotal moment occurred at the age of 12 during a family vacation in New Hampshire when a near-drowning incident led to a “Near Death Experience,” awakening Tess’s psychic gifts. This transformative event bestowed upon her premonitions and a unique ability to foresee the future. Early on, she exhibited an uncanny knack for identifying callers before answering the phone and even had foreknowledge of her grandfather’s passing.

At 18, Tess received the gift of the Holy Spirit, but soon after, she faced the profound loss of her soulmate while carrying their child. This tragedy became the catalyst for a life dedicated to aiding others, compounded by her survival of cancer—twice. The multitude of life’s tribulations forms the backdrop against which Tess connects with her clients on a deep, empathetic level.

In her pursuit of helping others, Tess delved into Reiki in 1990 and achieved the status of Reiki Master in 2005. Her commitment to spiritual growth led her to study psychic development and mediumship for over 15 years, learning from the world’s most respected intuitive psychic mediums. Even today, she remains a dedicated student, underscoring the belief that the journey of learning is a continuous and evolving process.

Philosophy of Tess Tetrault

“There is a great amount of healing that takes place when we receive messages from our loved ones in spirit. I have witnessed the healing, and transformations.” She also believes that people are born with a sixth sense to help them navigate life. That faculty can be cultivated to enhance it’s usefulness for ourselves and others.

Tess channels loving energy and messages from St. Germaine, White Feather and Archangel Gabriel.

She teaches on many metaphysical subjects such as Meditation, Psychic Development, Guides, Past Lives, Angels, Chakras, Auras, Channeling, and much more.


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