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Discover Tess the Treasure Coast Medium through glowing reviews. Find out about the healing results of client experiences with testimonials that speak volumes. The accuracy of details provided, during a reading, prove the connection Tess facilitates to your loved ones and the angelic realm.

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“An amazing experience! Tess is such a pleasure. Brought my mother for a reading and then my mother-in-law. Tess was able to connect them both with their family that they were missing. She knew things that no one would ever know!

She made them both feel comfortable and relaxed. It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend a session with her!! Thank you, Tess. ❤️”

Jill Randazzo


“My experience with Tess was AWESOME. I never expected to get the information I received. It gave me comfort and closure I needed to move on. Tess is a gem. I am looking forward to our next visit.

Thank you for your kindness and support during the time we spent together.”

Helen M Carroll

“Tess is truly gifted. Her reading brought me a sense of comfort. She was able to relay messages that were very specific. I’ so thankful I called. Would definitely recommend and will be using her again.”

Yochabelle Greene

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a reading with Tess. Not only is she incredibly gifted but she’s very caring and helped me to get the answers and closure I needed after losing a loved one. Tess gave me information that she would have only known thru connecting with my deceased loved one. I also heard from a few others thru her. I feel like my heart can heal now thanks to Tess. She is the real deal and I’ll definitely book another reading with her.”

Rosina Landers

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Tess a few times now, first time was at a party quite a few years ago. After the passing of some of my family members, I thought maybe it was time to see her again. My sister-in-law and I had a session with Tess, and I had so many people that my sissy-in-law’s people had a hard time coming through, so I left the room to give her some time with Tess alone.

During my portion, some of the messages were so profound, Tess is the real deal.

I went back to see Tess the other day to see if any of the “people” who didn’t get a chance to connect before I exited the room had any messages. Once again, profound. Tess is truly gifted.”

Julie M.

“Tess was amazing! I lost three people in the last few months and she connected me with them. Details she could not know. I also spoke to about 6 others! It was mind blowing! Such healing comes with this. Thank you!❤️”

Rene’ Grissom

“I had a wonderful experience with Tess! Not only does she have an amazing gift to connect with our loved ones who have passed away, but she has such a warm and kindhearted personality. She knew things about my loved ones that she would only know if she was in fact communicating with them, so she is the real deal. Tess also went above and beyond during the reading to express things to me that I just think she knew my heart needed. I highly recommend her and will absolutely book another session myself.”



“My husband and I both did a session with Tess. She’s based in Florida. We did both our readings here in Los Angeles, CA over Zoom. And the distance didn’t interfere at all. It was an incredible experience. It was a beautiful hour we spent with Tess. Connecting with our ancestors and passed loved ones was priceless. We both look forward to our next reading. Thank you again Tess for your openness and your gift you have shared with us. We are so honored. xoxo”

Danielle Jai Watson


“Scheduled a reading for my dad for Father’s Day! It was amazing. He got to hear healing words from both parents and others. Tess was wonderful! Thank you for such a blessed experience.”

Beth Crisafulli

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