Psychic Readings, Energy Healing and more from Tess

angel-goodI would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best Reiki treatment and / or Spirit Reading possible with only the highest and the best intentions for each person. —- Tess Tetrault


Evidential Mediumship Reading 30/60 minutes

Uses My Psychic Energy to Connect to Your Loved Ones in Spirit. Without prior knowledge of your life’s events, I am able to verify the connection.  Bringing through facts about ones passing, personality, hobbies, work details, etc. Names are usually included. You may ask questions and request certain spirits. While I cannot guarantee what is said or who comes through -99.5% of the time you get who you want! Not many other mediums work like this!


Angel Card Reading 30 minutes

Uses my psychic energy and your own energy for an accurate assessment of your current life situations and your future. It may reflect, work, romance, fiances, what ever interests you.

Theta Healing

Uses the energy of ‘The Creator of All That Is’ to remove and change subconscious beliefs that cause illness and negative patterns.

Reiki Treatment

Uses Universal Life force energy to heal, soothe, de-stress and energize to repair mind, body and soul 30 or 45 minute session

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Uses chakra stones and crystals infused with Reiki energy to open and clear, then re-energize and balance chakras 30 minute

Past Life Regressions 90 minutes

Ever wondered who you were in a previous life? Have phobias in this life that are unexplained? Do you have someone in your current life that you feel you have known before? It’s possible these are related to past life histories. Regressions are fascinating and can also be very healing and insightful. I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, ‘The Father of P.L.R’

House Clearing

Uses Prayer, Holy Water, and Indian Smudging technique to eliminate any negative  energy in one’s  home.


The Services and Information provided above are for entertainment purposes. Tess Tetrault services and products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any physical, mental , or emotional disorder / disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or doctor. Tess Tetrault will not be responsible for any reactions, adverse affects or misuse of use her advice or products as they are merely tools and guidance that the client chooses to use or not use of his or her own free will.