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I reached out to Tess after a Recent death in the family. I know real mediums exist in this world, but you’re always skeptical. From the moment I spoke to Tess It was like I’ve always known her. We spoke to many of my family members. I knew which family member would be there right away. She did not ask for any information. actually almost demanded I didn’t give it to her. When she came up with the nickname that my father called me, who has been gone since 1975, I knew She’s the real deal. And one of the kindest people you will speak to, she’s very sensitive and gentle while walking you through this scary process. If you want to speak to someone that has passed or any of her many other talents I would suggest Tess.
She is the real deal,

Recently lost my husband and Was encouraged by a friend to seek a medium . She found tess's website and made an appointment for me . Not knowing what to expect , I went with an open mind and heart. To my surprise, my husband came through . I left knowing he's still with me and that he's at peace . Plan on going back for another reading

One day my daughter said she had always wanted to visit a medium, so for her birthday, I arranged for us to see Tess. Now I know it was no accident and one of most influential decisions of my life. I have met with Tess, personally and remotely, several times. Each time is a new and exciting experience. On more than one occasion I brought family members with me. I have taken advantage of her mediumship and angel card readings. In all instances, I have found Tess’ gift unquestionably valid. She is such a genuine person, with no pretense or theatrics. Her accuracy with specific information during mediumship sessions leaves no doubt about who she’s communicating with. Each of us left our visits with a strong sense of spiritual peace and tranquility. Tess’ profound love for assisting others is evident in the way she candidly shares her gifts, talents, knowledge, and humor. If you have been led to read this, acknowledge the guidance that led you here. Reach out to Tess and experience a peacefully exciting encounter that I’m glad I didn’t miss.

I dream about loved ones family members friends who are deceased. Tess helped me understand why this happens to me. Now I’m content knowing I have this connection to my loved ones especially my husband who I dream about two three times a week since he passed in 2014. Tess is a wonderful woman that you feel an instant connection to. Kathleen Joyce

I have been in past life regressions and group medium session with Tess. Her depth and range are impressive. The past life regressions were informative. The group medium session was a wonder. There were approximately 12 of us there and, although there is never a guarantee that an entity will come through for everyone, this night that is exactly what happened. I had some questions answered as did others. Tess is not only talented but loving, caring, and ethical as well. I look forward to working with her many times in the future.

My reading with Tess was both amazing & surprising. At first my mother came to visit. You see mom was a loving single parent who did the best she could to raise me & my brother. The months before mom’s passing we were arguing. I have always regretted our last discussions. If only I had known that I would never get to say I was sorry, to tell her how wonderful she was. Mom’s message was that she was proud of me & how I was using my sewing skills. I was volunteering as a sewing mentor to trauma teens. Shocked I said “she’s not mad at me anymore?” Tess’s response was “I was never mad at you”... it was mom’s exact mannerisms & tone. Hearing this brought me great comfort.
Volunteering with these teens has become very important in my life & I actually didn’t understand why I was so drawn to this program. Then Tess said someone else was coming forward to say they were proud of my volunteering ... “an Ann...something Ann”... I told her I didn’t know who she was speaking about. Tess persisted... adding more details & then it hit me. Tess was speaking about Maryann, a close friend who overdosed nearly 2 decades ago. She was a tortured soul who’s life had spiraled out of control. Her death left a void in my life. Her trauma was sexual abuse. At 14 she became pregnant with her father’s baby. Tears rolled down my face. My strong desire to volunteer with trauma teens was because of Maryann.
Tess is amazing & her reading brought a healing to my life.
Thank you Tess, I am blessed to know you.

This was my first reading with Tess! While the reason for my visit was to be connected with my mother and brother (she certainly did just that!) I asked about some things going on in my life at the moment. Specifically, my husband and I were getting ready to put our home up for sale. Tess said not to be chincy with the front door. There is something about the entrance and someone is going to walk up to the house and want it before they even get inside. Well I got busy and spruced up the front porch with some plants and new pillows, etc. A friend of ours is a realtor and invited another realtor that they know to preview the home for one of their buyers. She walked in and said" I don't even want to come in...I already know I lover this house!" She brought her husband by the next day and put in an offer. We are in escrow without any of the hassels of showing our home! Thank you Tess for bringing that message forward, along with the messages from my brother, who obviously is looking out for me and my kiddos from the other side! 🙂

My husband pasted away unexpectedly and very quickly. I was so broken hearted and was a lost ball in high weeds for 2 weeks. I contacted Tess to ask about how a reading works and we decided to it over the phone. The things Tess said were right on and she would not have known any of it. I got to speak to my husband and my father that passed 7 1/2 years ago. It was just so amazing and I feel a lot better. Thank you also to my great friend Jaymie that had a coworker that had been to see Tess and had excellent reviews. I will do another reading one day without a doubt for Tess is just extraordinary in her ability. My heart break will never go away but I know my husband is always with me. Thank you so very much Tess

Tess has changed my life, myself and son had a reading about a month ago and she knew things about my deceased loved ones that really both my son and I couldn't believe. I thank you Tess for bringing some closure. Not only is she amazing at her work she is a very kind women and makes you feel comfortable. I will be back for a second reading, highly recommend Tess to friends and family!

I had my first visit with Tess and brought my son with me who at the time was very skeptical, not so much me.
Tess at first made both of us very comfortable and is a lovely women.
I must say she knew things that only myself and son would know and read everyone deceased in my life. I am so grateful to have found Tess and must say she has so gifted. Tess brought much closure to myself and son,and when my son walked out he no longer was a skeptic! I reccomend averyone who is reading this to have a reading with Tess.
I thank Tess and will be back again Im sure.

First time seeing Tess, I went with a clear open mind. Also brought my son who had gone through a traumatic experience and was very skeptical about being read with me. Tess had comforting surroundings and made us feel at ease, not to mention Tess herself she is really easy to talk to and a lovely lady.
My reading was right on target to all the the people that have passed in my life (even my pet dog)!
I will certainly be back to visit her and recommended her to all my family and friends as well as any person reading this!
A big Thank you to Tess!

I had my first reading with Tess and brought my son. I whom is not a skeptic at all, but my son on the other hand was a bit nervous.
Tess was very welcoming and made us both feel comfortable prior to my reading. I have to say she was on point with just about everything that was told to me as well as my son.
Im sure I will be back for a second visit and highly recommend her to friends family and others who are seeking to speak to their loved ones who have passed on it gave be great peace when leaving. Tess is a lovely lady as well as a gifted talent!

3/19/2019. Tess came to my home where 5 of us had the opportunity to sit with her one on one. She was amazing, bringing closure to some, resolution to some and peace to others. It was insightful, interesting and fun. I will definitely call upon Tess again.

My mother and I went to see Tess back in February of 2018. I went for a specific purpose of trying to get some closure after an unexpected death of a loved one. Leading up to that meeting my expectations were very low, I wasn’t really sure how this type of thing worked or how it coincides with my faith. However, after this reading, I’ve never felt more confident in my faith and spiritual journey. Since my reading, I have been able to put closure to my heartache and find a comfort and peace that up until that moment, have rarely felt.
We went back recently for an Angel Card Reading and once more, I was a complete skeptic, not looking for much. Again, I was surprised by how on point the cards were. They hit on things that I’ve never even uttered out loud. Thoughts I’ve only kept in my head. It gave me the clarity and confidence I was looking for.
I cannot recommend Tess more! I’m so grateful for her! She is so easy to talk to and you always feel like you’re seeing an old friend.

My adult daughters and I have had readings with Tess and we all are so grateful to have her in our lives.
I personally can say she recently saved me. I was in a bad state of mind and when I met with her the last time it was more of a therapy session then a reading. The way Tess knew everything I was going through without me telling her, she was able to give me the tools to pull myself out of it. It has been a few months since that session and my life is so much better. Tess is honest, humble and takes you to a place of such wonderment and gratitude, we adore her!

3/11/18 I have been to Tess on two different times with hope of contact to my first love. Deceased in a car accident at the age of 19, she was my high school sweetheart and my love left behind as I left for my tour in Viet Nam. I returned after an absence of over a year only to have her die in a car accident the week after I returned. A portion of my heart has been empty for these past 50 years but I still have the loss as if it were yesterday. I met with Tess and my loss love was waiting to give me a message of love and that she was waiting. She let me know that she was happy and that she knew about my wife and children and she said she played a part in our meeting. Tess conveyed information that no person, other than myself, knew. Meeting with her lifted my heart and some of my sorrow disappeared. I know now that my young sweetheart is still with me and even though I have moved on, I will love her forever.

Testimonial * My first ever reading was an enriching experience with Tess. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I left fulfilled and hoping for another opportunity soon. The accuracy of communication eliminated any doubt in her ability. It was a joyful experience that allowed me to let go of some deeply rooted regrets. Can’t wait to do it again!

If you believe your loved one who has passed is still with you, then I would highly recommend a session with Tess. My husband passed this summer and the hole in my heart is deep. I met with Tess last week and what an amazing experience! She confirmed that he is with me in a way that no one could do without having her extraordinary gift! I was quite pleased with my session with Tess and would highly recommend her. Patty B.

12-20-17. Just saw Tess again for another reading. It's truly heartwarming to be able to stay connected to loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. It's amazing how she uses her gifts and talents to provide healing and comfort to others. She's helping me so much with loss of my Uncle and it means the world to be able to hear from him from the other side and my other relatives that are no longer living as well. I highly recommend that you go see her and have a reading and an incredible experience for yourself.

Tess was amazing, me and my mom went and saw her to try and connect with her mom (my grandma) who had passed away 3 years ago. Me and my mom knew instantly we were connected with my grandma no doubt about it. Tess was saying things there is no way she could know about. We also connected with 2 of my great grand parents and Tess started to talk about a vacation we had just before one of them died. How would she know that? Because shes real! She was amazing and i will definitely be going again. Me and my mom felt so happy and relieved when we left that we got to connect with someone who was so important to our lives.

6/17 Tess was the first medium I had ever gone to. I was struggling with the death of my 30-year old son who had left 3 children and a wife behind. Tess's compassion, transparency and ability to share her gift has made my walk here on earth brighter and full of hope again. I am a Christian so this was a big step for me. I already believed my son was "only on the other side" - but to be able to confirm that he was aware of us and still connected to us - just blessed my hurting mother's heart. I have gone on to ask Tess questions about my life going forward, and she confirmed what God had already put in my heart. I believe that Tess came into my life with a purpose and my spiritual journey has been made richer because of it. Sandra Stewart

Tess brought comfort to me during some very difficult times. In three years, I lost both my parents and my brother. We were all very close, so I lost a very big part of me when they left this life. Tess was able to communicate with them on a couple of occasions, and in doing so proved to me that we only lose our loved ones physically. Spiritually, they are still with us. It's hard for those of us who cannot connect on that level, and this is where Tess comes in. She is kind and genuinely caring, so much so that I was completely at ease with her...as if she were an old friend. (Hey, maybe she is.) In her connection with my loved ones, certain things were brought up that only I would know. The things that were communicated to her and relayed to me gave me so much comfort that when I left after the session, I felt genuine joy instead of the sadness that has seemingly taken over my life. Tess is passionate about her gift and her work; it comes from the heart. When it comes with genuine love, it can only be good. Thank you, Tess!

*On my first reading with Tess I spoke with her about my disabled granddaughter and the very first thing she said was "You know this is genetic". And right away I dismissed her answer because since Allison birth all doctors said she had Cerebral Palsy. So that was how they treated her medically. But that same summer my daughter Sarah had heard of a female doctor who only treated children with cerebral palsy and that she only allowed herself to take on very few new patients a year do to the fact that she herself had a form of cerebral palsy which was her chosen field of medicine. This past spring finally Allison had been give an appointment with her. The doctor right away said to Sarah that Allison did not have cerebral palsy but a" genetic " issue. Even though both my daughter and son in law had been tested there was no evidence to show there was a genetic issue. But the new doctor persisted and tested both of them and the findings showed that both of them were carriers of this gene that caused Allison's medical problem. They can't fix Allison's medical problems that she has already but they are now treating her to stop any further damage. To this day I have not shared this portion of my reading with anyone I was to busy beating myself up because I was so skeptical about how could Tess say it was genetic when the doctors said other wise. I will never doubt a reading from Tess again. Thank you and I'm looking forward to my next reading when I return to Florida

I have been to Tess for a past life group regression and 3 readings. The past life regression was very helpful to me in this life. Because of this regression I understand why I am like I am in this life. These readings were with my deceased husband and son and she is always right on and tells me things only they would know. It helps me so much to know they are together and happy. I highly recommend Tess for anyone that is grieving.

Thank you Tess for your reading last week for me and my daughter. The information my beloved children passed on to me through you have given me a better understanding of the events that gave way for them to be taken from me, 2 1/2 months withing each other's passing. Your reading relieved me of the hurt and guilt thinking I could have done more! But now, knowing they are at peace, each in their own places, have released me of my chronic stress and anxiety. Peace be with you always.
Really looking forward for my next visit with you.

I had a short phone reading from Tess. She said a few things that were so accurate that I'm scheduling another reading to cover more topics! Highly recommend!
March 2016

I had a reading from Tess back in March of 2015 while at our vacation home in Port St Lucie Florida. I went with a very open mind with no expectations of who would come through. At the reading several things did not hit home until I returned to Texas. Like what male in the family has an irregular heart beat, Tess said they need to have this checked. I mentioned this to my husband who said whatever. Well on June 10th our 43rd anniversary we were at the emergency room with a serious irregular heart beat! Doctors caught this in time and he is now on heart medicine Now a believer he is looking forward to our return to Florida for a reading himself. Tess I really learned a lot and I'm looking forward to another reading. Thanks Tina

I met Tess through a family member and this was my first reading ever. My Mom had passed a few years before and I still had a lot of feelings and was hoping to get some closure. That day changed my life I felt a peace pass over me and felt the Angels. There were things that Tess told me that would and could not be know by anyone but my Mom. I live each day now knowing my Mom is happy and at peace as I am. I highly recommend Tess she is to me a Peaceful Angel.

Having gone to several sessions with Tess, I have to say it's comforting to be able to connect with loved ones who have passed on. With Tess, you feel like you are with someone you've known for a lifetime so there's a comfort factor. Having been able to communicate with her and with my grandparents and about memories that literally only them, me and God would know about has been nothing short one of the most amazing experiences of my life . It means alot being able to stay connected to them, to still get their love and support and their advice. I have made a lot of positive changes, and Tess has been a big help in helping me heal and keep that desired closeness to those I hold so dear that have passed on. If you're looking to reconnect, to heal and for some closure, then you must go see Tess 🙂 She's got a gift and I grateful that she does, so let her help you.

I had a personal past life regression with Tess and was amazed at the journey I took. I was skeptical at first, but her positive energy and wisdom put me at ease. I visited a past life when I was a pilgrim in pioneer days and my family were fighting native american indians during a stage coach journey through what seemed to be the wild west. With her help, I realized that this soul memory was keeping me stuck from relocating to a new city, in my present life! By releasing those memories and emotions of fear, I feel I am ready to set out on a new journey now. WOW! Jocelyn M. Stuart, FL

I invited Tess to do an event at my home with 10 attendees. Some had never experienced a medium in action before. As the observer, I was able to watch emotions surface, hearts open and healing occur as Tess delivered with such accuracy. I also witnessed people go from not remembering what she was channeling to the AHA moment when they realized how spot on she was. I have had another event since and plan to do more. I love Tess!

I had Tess come to my home for a gallery type reading and she blew everyone away with her detailed information. She relocated to Florida from NY and we are blessed to have her here. She is a great example of what true mediums from Long Island can do. She is just as good as John Edward from ‘Crossing Over’. You must see her to believe.

I have known many good psychics in my day, but Tess channeled my late husband so well I was amazed. She spoke about a problem with my roof that my George was going to fix, forever, and never did. That information could not have been known to her. That reading changed my life forever, I have the peace knowing my Harold is still around and knows I never fixed the roof !

Tess is truly amazing and gifted. She channeled by Dad to a tee. She spoke about details of my past that I had forgotten and my Mom later validated everything. She uses humility and grace in her work.

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