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In my research I found this quote, "Akashic records are believed to be a repository of every thought, word, and deed of every living being, good, bad, and awful, in all times; past, present, future. They are each soul's journey through the infinite." When Tess offered this workshop, I got excited to learn my personal records and how to access them. Access helps me find answers to questions about my life. For example; why is a particular challenge in my life? My experience was incredible. As soon as I was deeply relaxed I could feel sensations in my body. At one point, my body began to spiral upward and I felt free of everything. Another example was when a group of angels replaced the monsters haunting me in a recurrent dream. I asked a particular question about a feeling I've had my whole life. My answer: "You are great. You have nothing to worry about." There are many more examples I will not describe for fear you might expect your experience to be like mine. Each of us has our own records.

I have know Tess for 9 years and have had many readings that are always spot on. She has connected me with my mother, father, brother and others. Tess creates a safe and trusting space and has a low, soothing voice. I will be taking her workshop on past life regression in March. Love you, Tess!

I have known and had personal sessions with Tess for the last 8 years. She always connects me to the people who have transitioned. This Akashic Records workshop with Tess was very profound for me. Tess created a very calm, quiet and peaceful environment in the room. She took us on a journey into deep relaxation. Once there, we said an opening prayer to access the records. In one instance I felt my body twirling upwards into the sky. In another, I was sitting on a very small beach on a very small tropical island with my brother who had passed 35 years ago. I continued to feel as if I were being set free from all my worries. At one point I experienced the monsters in an occurring dream turn into angels who were lifting and supporting me. When I asked about the persistent challenges that face me, I was given answers which allowed me to let them go. There were many other feelings and sensations I felt during the session; I smiled, laughed, cried and felt excited to have this whole new concept opened up to me. We ended with a closing prayer. When the experience was over, I felt happy in knowing I now had a tool I could access whenever I have questions that need answers about my life's struggles. If you have yearned for a place to get answers, this is the workshop that will teach you how to access your own Akashic Records - your Spiritual source.

My wife and I had a family reading from Tess yesterday - she read for both of us at the same time. Family members in spirit we needed to hear from came through with messages we needed to hear. There was no doubt who she was hearing from. Tess is an excellent medium, we are lucky to have her available to us on the Treasure Coast. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they need to hear from their departed love ones.

Mike Schubert

I've had the opportunity to work with Tess on a number of occasions. From Akashic record sessions and assisting me in finding my Spirit guides, to connecting me with my loved ones who have crossed-over her guidance and pure insight has been a blessing. Tess is able to communicate information and memories from family members that no-one would have access to. Not only my loved ones' personalities come through, but messages I've been yearning for have been shared with me through Tess.
My deep appreciation to Tess for all she does. MMD

I had an experience experience with Tess! She really set things straight with me with my results in Angel card reading. She was wonderful. Helped me a lot.

I just had my third reading with Tess over the last few years. Each time she connects with my dearest loved ones in spirit world. She gives me amazing and accurate information and insights. This time she connected with my husband, son and both my parents. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Tess. She is the real deal!

I was referred to Tess by a close childhood friend. I, like others have been through alot of tragedy in my life. I wasn't sure what what to expect and I was nervous. Tess was able to make me extremely comfortable and she made connections with family and friends that have passed. What Tess relayed to me from them was shocking. There is no possible way she could have known. I will be back I just need some time to process everything. I highly recommend Tess.

My best friend / sister since Kindergarten went to Tess during Mother's Day Weekend after she lost her mother in January. Tess was spot on with current events in my sister's life and brought closure to me in mine. I will go to see Tess again. She is a wonderful kind human being who happens to have a gift to share with us all. (After our session ended, Tess brought up a name that I did not recognize at the time...but now I know exactly who she meant and I feel terrible not remembering at the time.....)

I reached out to Tess after a Recent death in the family. I know real mediums exist in this world, but you’re always skeptical. From the moment I spoke to Tess It was like I’ve always known her. We spoke to many of my family members. I knew which family member would be there right away. She did not ask for any information. actually almost demanded I didn’t give it to her. When she came up with the nickname that my father called me, who has been gone since 1975, I knew She’s the real deal. And one of the kindest people you will speak to, she’s very sensitive and gentle while walking you through this scary process. If you want to speak to someone that has passed or any of her many other talents I would suggest Tess.
She is the real deal,

Recently lost my husband and Was encouraged by a friend to seek a medium . She found tess's website and made an appointment for me . Not knowing what to expect , I went with an open mind and heart. To my surprise, my husband came through . I left knowing he's still with me and that he's at peace . Plan on going back for another reading

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