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I just had my third reading with Tess over the last few years. Each time she connects with my dearest loved ones in spirit world. She gives me amazing and accurate information and insights. This time she connected with my husband, son and both my parents. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Tess. She is the real deal!

I was referred to Tess by a close childhood friend. I, like others have been through alot of tragedy in my life. I wasn't sure what what to expect and I was nervous. Tess was able to make me extremely comfortable and she made connections with family and friends that have passed. What Tess relayed to me from them was shocking. There is no possible way she could have known. I will be back I just need some time to process everything. I highly recommend Tess.

My best friend / sister since Kindergarten went to Tess during Mother's Day Weekend after she lost her mother in January. Tess was spot on with current events in my sister's life and brought closure to me in mine. I will go to see Tess again. She is a wonderful kind human being who happens to have a gift to share with us all. (After our session ended, Tess brought up a name that I did not recognize at the time...but now I know exactly who she meant and I feel terrible not remembering at the time.....)

I reached out to Tess after a Recent death in the family. I know real mediums exist in this world, but you’re always skeptical. From the moment I spoke to Tess It was like I’ve always known her. We spoke to many of my family members. I knew which family member would be there right away. She did not ask for any information. actually almost demanded I didn’t give it to her. When she came up with the nickname that my father called me, who has been gone since 1975, I knew She’s the real deal. And one of the kindest people you will speak to, she’s very sensitive and gentle while walking you through this scary process. If you want to speak to someone that has passed or any of her many other talents I would suggest Tess.
She is the real deal,

Recently lost my husband and Was encouraged by a friend to seek a medium . She found tess's website and made an appointment for me . Not knowing what to expect , I went with an open mind and heart. To my surprise, my husband came through . I left knowing he's still with me and that he's at peace . Plan on going back for another reading

One day my daughter said she had always wanted to visit a medium, so for her birthday, I arranged for us to see Tess. Now I know it was no accident and one of most influential decisions of my life. I have met with Tess, personally and remotely, several times. Each time is a new and exciting experience. On more than one occasion I brought family members with me. I have taken advantage of her mediumship and angel card readings. In all instances, I have found Tess’ gift unquestionably valid. She is such a genuine person, with no pretense or theatrics. Her accuracy with specific information during mediumship sessions leaves no doubt about who she’s communicating with. Each of us left our visits with a strong sense of spiritual peace and tranquility. Tess’ profound love for assisting others is evident in the way she candidly shares her gifts, talents, knowledge, and humor. If you have been led to read this, acknowledge the guidance that led you here. Reach out to Tess and experience a peacefully exciting encounter that I’m glad I didn’t miss.

I dream about loved ones family members friends who are deceased. Tess helped me understand why this happens to me. Now I’m content knowing I have this connection to my loved ones especially my husband who I dream about two three times a week since he passed in 2014. Tess is a wonderful woman that you feel an instant connection to. Kathleen Joyce

I have been in past life regressions and group medium session with Tess. Her depth and range are impressive. The past life regressions were informative. The group medium session was a wonder. There were approximately 12 of us there and, although there is never a guarantee that an entity will come through for everyone, this night that is exactly what happened. I had some questions answered as did others. Tess is not only talented but loving, caring, and ethical as well. I look forward to working with her many times in the future.

My reading with Tess was both amazing & surprising. At first my mother came to visit. You see mom was a loving single parent who did the best she could to raise me & my brother. The months before mom’s passing we were arguing. I have always regretted our last discussions. If only I had known that I would never get to say I was sorry, to tell her how wonderful she was. Mom’s message was that she was proud of me & how I was using my sewing skills. I was volunteering as a sewing mentor to trauma teens. Shocked I said “she’s not mad at me anymore?” Tess’s response was “I was never mad at you”... it was mom’s exact mannerisms & tone. Hearing this brought me great comfort.
Volunteering with these teens has become very important in my life & I actually didn’t understand why I was so drawn to this program. Then Tess said someone else was coming forward to say they were proud of my volunteering ... “an Ann...something Ann”... I told her I didn’t know who she was speaking about. Tess persisted... adding more details & then it hit me. Tess was speaking about Maryann, a close friend who overdosed nearly 2 decades ago. She was a tortured soul who’s life had spiraled out of control. Her death left a void in my life. Her trauma was sexual abuse. At 14 she became pregnant with her father’s baby. Tears rolled down my face. My strong desire to volunteer with trauma teens was because of Maryann.
Tess is amazing & her reading brought a healing to my life.
Thank you Tess, I am blessed to know you.

This was my first reading with Tess! While the reason for my visit was to be connected with my mother and brother (she certainly did just that!) I asked about some things going on in my life at the moment. Specifically, my husband and I were getting ready to put our home up for sale. Tess said not to be chincy with the front door. There is something about the entrance and someone is going to walk up to the house and want it before they even get inside. Well I got busy and spruced up the front porch with some plants and new pillows, etc. A friend of ours is a realtor and invited another realtor that they know to preview the home for one of their buyers. She walked in and said" I don't even want to come in...I already know I lover this house!" She brought her husband by the next day and put in an offer. We are in escrow without any of the hassels of showing our home! Thank you Tess for bringing that message forward, along with the messages from my brother, who obviously is looking out for me and my kiddos from the other side! 🙂

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