Channeled Message from St. Germaine

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Channeling | 0 comments


St. Germaine:

“The brotherhood of humanity should not be left to the hands of the government. They do not often have the best intentions. We speak about the new situation in Libya. Sometimes things should work themselves out without the interference of others. One may ask what to do? Start a petition or send some relief in the form of donations.”

“Spirit is concerned with the leadership of your country. People have fought over religions since the times of Christ, and even before that. These are foolish souls who have been misinformed. There is only one God in the Universe. Call him/her what you will. This is the biggest fallacy there is. No person is greater than the next. No God is greater than another. It is but an illusion … a distorted truth that has gone on too long. We are, however, pleased to see Japan get so much help from the rest of the world. Truly all humans have some redeeming qualities.”

“Pray for peace. It is what this world lacks the most. Peace with the creator and peace with each other.”


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