Channeling with Arch Angel Gabriel

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Archangel Gabrielle

Your circle of family members extends far beyond just your group. You have been family members with other people in your life in many different roles and settings. Always treat each other often with respect, and be gentle with them. This is your goal. You all are traveling the same circles and have many lifetimes together already. God loves a humble heart, for it is when someone is humble operating from their heart and not their head, that they can align themselves with their true purpose ordained by God. Angels are meant to keep you on track but can only help when asked. There are hundreds of types of angels that are readily available for the asking. They may not help without your request. With the exception of your guardian angels assigned at birth, they are able to act without request to keep you safe.

If a person is open to hear instructions from your guardian angels, the direction can be constant. One only has to“tune in”. Angels were sent from God to be helpers to humans but usually are not sought unless there is a need.

People should never underestimate their abilities to help. The hierarchy of angels facilitates their ability to help in different situations. The Archangels have the ability to reveal themselves in form (show themselves). The lower energy angels are unable to materialize in form, yet can help in most situations regardless.

Know that all angels can be evoked very easily. They are here to help inspire and protect.


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